About Us

When it comes to the matters of the stars, Kenzodiac promises to deliver only the best and most comprehensive content on how astrology affects us in various ways, and how we could always use some help to achieve better intra- and inter-personal relationships. We give our subscribers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes and love forecasts based on your signs.

How We Started

logo_largeAfter reading different books on the zodiac signs, I would admit being hooked that I came up with articles about each one of them. The experience was more of taking notes on what I’ve read and writing them the way I understood the texts. The articles were never meant to be published on this blog, or any other site for that matter. But the stars have spoken. It was destined.

I cleaned my room one day with my partner, as we’ve decided to sell stuff that we no longer use around the house. We figured somebody else might benefit from them more than the shelves. True enough, my notebook which I’ve forgotten about in the past years fell on the floor and the next thing I knew, my partner, Jessica, has started reading them.

As soon as we had finished the garage sale, she came up to me and asked me to start a blog on astrology. Apparently, she has been in love with the zodiacs even before she learned how to read. Of course, the rest was history.

Please join us as we share our articles and stories. Welcome to Kenzodiacs.